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ICC OTP closes preliminary examination in the Marvi Marmara incidents: some thoughts

On 29 november 2017, the Prosecutor of the ICC issued its decision announcing that it is closing the Preliminary Examination in the Comoros situation, more commonly known as the situation relating to incidents aboard the Mavi Marmara. It annexes a … Continue reading

A ridiculous attack on Peter Robinson

Over at Opinio Juris, Kevin Heller has published a post on the article written by a certain Phil Quin attacking one of Kevin’s former students, Golriz Ghahraman, for, among other things, having worked on a Defense team at the ICTR. I … Continue reading

Mladic Judgment: yet another new finding on genocide in the municipalities?

Today, the ICTY issued its long awaited Judgment in the Mladic trial. Few commentators expected any surprises, especially, as I pointed out at the time, because Mladic was mentioned 1883 times in the Karadzic Judgment. One issue that was being … Continue reading

Guest Post: Preliminary Admissibility Rulings: An Additional Hurdle in the ICC’s Race to Justice

[By Santiago Vargas Niño, LLB & BA in Political Science, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia; LLM (Cum Laude), Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands; Former Intern, Legal Assistant & Assistant Legal Officer of the OTP of the ICC] Last Thursday, 9 November … Continue reading

A short rejoinder to Kevin Jon Heller on Burundi and the ICC [UPDATED]

Following my post yesterday where I raised doubt about Kevin’s interpretation of Article 18 of the Rome Statute as requiring the OTP to inform Burundi that it intended to file a request to open a formal investigation prior to the … Continue reading