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BREAKING NEWS: Charges Dropped by the ICC Prosecutor in the Kenyatta Case

Earlier this week, the Trial Chamber in the Kenyatta case at that ICC told the Prosecutor to either bring new evidence or drop the charges. I predicted without to much doubt that the charges would indeed be dropped. Just this … Continue reading

Guest Post: What is happening here? Notes of caution on the UNSC resolution on facilitating travel of “foreign terrorist fighters”

By Jens Iverson, Leiden University [Note, this is an expanded version of a brief post on the Leiden Law Blog.  Many thanks to Dov for allowing a fuller post on his excellent blog.]  On 24 September 2014, the UN Security Council … Continue reading

Guest Post: Springing the Trap: Prosecutorial Discretion Beyond Politics and Law

By Jens Iverson, Leiden University I’d like to thank Dov Jacobs for allowing me to post on his excellent blog. This essay is, at heart, a plea for a more open discussion of the tradeoffs inherent in pursuing international criminal … Continue reading