Spot the Errors… the ICC, "established by the UN in 1993"…

I know I am only giving it totally undeserved publicity by posting it here, but the recent column in the Jerusalem Post by Seth Frantzman on the ICC and international justice is just too good to be true.

It presents the ICC as a UN court established in 1993, which “has also prosecuted war crimes in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda through special tribunals”, with no Appeals system and an American judge on the bench (did I miss the USA joining the ICC???).
It is not only inaccurate, it is also biased (the two being unfortunately frequent travel companions). It glorifies Nuremberg… which had the same flaws as supposedly identified in the ICC. The author wrongly states that the ICC has no appeal system, which was indeed the case in Nuremberg, and criticises the ICC for not doing trials by jury, when neither Nuremberg, nor even Israel in the Eichmann case provided jury trials!

Once you get over the total shock of how many factual mistakes there are in the text, it actually makes for some amusing reading. It should be standard reading in both law school and journalist students as a masterclass in what not to do…

Feel free to contact the editors of the Jpost to express your shame/anguish/sadness/joy…

One response to “Spot the Errors… the ICC, "established by the UN in 1993"…

  1. Great article – definitely saved my morning and gave me a good laugh, inspite it being terribly worrying that such stuff is getting published anywhere…

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